The problem with the news

Hey, who doesn’t want to have authentic Oktoberfest beer, right?

Except when I read on the OBC listserv that these five beers all come from the same German brewing conglomerate and only one from Bavaria (though I’m not sure why that’s important yet) and people who drank it that the beer(s) suggested  aren’t so hot. Which suggests that maybe these recommendations aren’t so authentic.

Now, I don’t know German well enough to properly research the subject but because it is a fairly well known item now that news outlets tend to provide less-than-awesome coverage of news and instead bring up stories about…say, the top five beers for an authentic Oktoberfest, forgive me if I trust the experts I have access to over CNN and two chefs from NYC.

On the other hand, when I read about the world’s oldest beer found in a shipwreck, that’s pretty damn awesome. A story that can be verified and really can’t have an angle to get me to be a better consumer, just more informed.

It does raise those dilemmas though.

Finally, I saw a review of Annville Ale at Topless Robot. Which I’m just posting because I never thought I’d see a beer inspired by a comic but it’s a weird world, isn’t it?

Let’s keep it that way.

On a slightly more personal note, underground beer tunnels have been rediscovered in Cinci. More personal because to me, that’s just a little cooler than shipwreck beer.

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