I’ll have whatever you say #1

“…whatever you recommend.”-Groop Dogdrill, Gentleman’s Soiree

I blame Fuz.

While looking for a new theme after the Local I had a few ideas-one of which I’ll use for certain and soon but it was he who said “I’ll have what he’s having” where you ask someone at the bar what they’re drinking and drink that, which I really dug as a concept.

So here I am at the Beermongers, nervous because I’m about to ask an absolute stranger what they want for a drink. The bar is crowded; everyone on the rail, no space for me because they’re watching Jets/Ravens on MNF. The fact that I have to stand makes me feel more awkward because I can’t settle in and make nice, I have to tap someone on the shoulder and ask.

otm stoutFortune smiles on me; I unwittingly tap someone who recognizes me through some contacts at the OBC. It’s Bret, and one night we helped a pal at the OBC keg one evening. He’s having an OTM Stout (which I’m not finding online so I’ll have to beg the reader’s forgiveness)  and I ask for one, despite being warned ‘it’s chocolatey.’

It certainly is. There’s a sweet chocolate milk scent and the aftertaste, when it’s all said and done has that bitter chocolate flavor. Plus it also has a stout mouthfeel-it’s light but definitely there-which is a bonus, however: I am in the middle of drinking my chocolate mint porter. So I’m just a touch on overload here. I would not have chosen this beer if I could have.

That’s the point though. I am not out here to make choices, I’m out here to interact with people and places and I’m using beer as my vehicle for doing so. I’m at Beermongers specifically because I’d been promising Josh that I’d come to visit; that he isn’t here tonight insists that I return to visit him, because keeping my word is important to me. (My hope is that he’ll read this and know that I’m looking forward to our paths crossing someday.) The drawbacks are clear; strangers, Bud Lime. However I’ll probably try beers I’ve never had and there may even be cocktails, cider or wine which for any other beer blog might be an issue but if you’re reading me, then strict beer drinking probably isn’t what you’re about.

Plus, my conversation with Bret has revealed our love of Magic and when I hand him a deck, another man at the bar asks “Did you just hand him a MtG deck?” Which I did and he seems astounded that people might play in bars.

I don’t know why that’s so queer; it has always seemed normal to me. But this new fellow is encouraged and gives me his email so perhaps there will be new people who want to play the game with me and mine? When I tell him that we’re out to have some fun and drink beer, he seems all on board so….good.

Even if he doesn’t want to play with us, I don’t see this as a negative. I went out and met people and who amongst us likes the process of meeting people? Yet it’s one of those things that is worse in my mind; the reality is that it’s fairy easy. If nothing comes out of it, who cares? I’ve just made the world a little smaller and a little bigger at the same time.

8 thoughts on “I’ll have whatever you say #1”

  1. Thank the RSS gods for prompt delivery, though I’m sorry to have missed you. However, had you shown up an hour or so earlier this post would have been different. Things have a way of working out.

  2. End of penultimate sentence: “it’s fairy easy.” Well… nice slip – of whatever kind – since you’re talking about Magic. There’s more but I’ll save it for a better time.

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