What Summer is good for

Farmer's Tan LagerSummer has finally shown up in Portland and in full force. Twenty degree leaps in temperature are just rough on the body. Fortunately, there is beer and the bounty of Summer seasonal ales to help keep people cool. This is especially useful in a city where air conditioning isn’t a common feature.

(Which I feel it shouldn’t be but that’s another story.)

Nonetheless, it is in this spirit that I have gotten Southern Tier’s Farmer’s Tan pale lager. It’s an imperial, which puts the ABV at 9.0%! Woha. Not the kind of beer you can call a session ale.

However it IS the kind of beer you can kick back with over Summertime foods; hot dogs, burgers, salads, sit outside and watch the sun fade out behind the West hills. It’s got all the elements of a good lager-clean, subtle hops, sweeter malts and a good thirst quencher but without the absence of flavor you’d experience from a macrobrew and the kind of kick that a microbrewery might give. What I’m really surprised about is that there isn’t an alcohol warmth present in this beer. That’s a remarkable level of balance, considering there aren’t serious malt or hop notes to compensate for the high alcohol content.

So this is really a brew worth trying; check it out!

Also of note; Lucky Lab’s call for fresh hops to make The Mutt. Consider me interested in how that turns out.

One thought on “What Summer is good for”

  1. I noted the alcohol–well, body–more the second time I had the lager, and as it warmed up a bit. It felt a bit richer, a bit less sessionable.

    Still, a delightful offering from Southern Tier (as most are, frankly).

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