horse brassSo here I am again.

Not that this is a huge surprise; anyone who drinks beer with zeal ends up at the Horse Brass. And yes, I know; I should be at a new place but Fuz came into town for Bailey’s 3rd (which I’m looking forward to talking about Wednesday) and stayed a few days. So here we are, because the next few place I go to…I must go alone.

/cue ominous music.

I’m having Deschutes Wowzenbock, and Fuz is staying the more traditional path with Pliny the Elder. I like my beer; it’s oddity is that it has been served to me at room temperature. But it’s smooth and very drinkable so I find little fault with the brew, excepting that I get no nose from it. I think I’ll have the Oatus the Red from Salmon Creek next because it’s an Irish Red but with oatmeal. I have to start researching somewhere, and this is as good a time as any.

The oatmeal sweetens this beer up a little but the coffee flavors are definitely played up. It’s lighter in color than my Irish ale, which is probably why the malt flavors aren’t quite as strong but there is a resemblance between this beer and my own.

Anyway, I’m sure everyone will forgive me for a short post; not only do I have company but it’s after a Saturday of drinking very interesting, very strong and frequently very good beer. I’m a wee burnt out both from a drinking place and from a ‘I have something to say’ view.

So cheers! We’ll meet up in a couple days

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