Needing research

irish aleBefore the whole DoJ debacle where homebrew judging was banned, I’d made an Irish ale to be judged at the OBC event.

However, I didn’t start soon enough and my beer wasn’t ready in time, so now it’s just there to be judged by me.

This beer is closer to a porter than I would like or at least than what I thought an Irish ale ought to be about. Still an amber hue to it but very dark and the coffee notes are prominent. Nose; coffee, flavors; coffee.

Which leads me to ask if this is the way it’s supposed to be? My answer is; despite reading recipes, I just don’t know. I haven’t drank enough Irish ales to say! Sure, it’s a decent beer and I wouldn’t hesitate to offer it to strangers but is it what it’s supposed to be?  I have no idea.

So next time, if I’m working in a style I think I’m going to try and do some research so I know what I’m shooting for. Hard work I know but someone has to do it.

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