Take a deep breath everyone

Look, I realize that a lot of my fellow homebrewers (and others) are upset with the Oregon DoJ’s ruling impacting brew clubs and competitions. But there’s a few things everyone ought to remember.

First, the OLCC didn’t make this decision. Yelling at them is about as productive as urinating on the prison guard to get back at the judge.

Second; there has been, for anyone willing to listen, report after report of politicians trying to help the newly founded OHBA change the law. From members of the OLCC looking for loopholes, to outside associations helping write new policy to politicos willing to back it. (And actually, Chris Hummert, quoted in the WW article, has been one of the most vocal advocates of people in government, who he continually reminds others have been very proactive in trying to help the OHBA.)

Yes, you might have to go six whole months without the traditional elements of a homebrew meeting (namely, the homebrew) but on the scale of things, how long is that, really?

So finally, maybe everyone wanting to try and be clever by circumventing the law, risking whatever punishment in the name of…I don’t  know what, or angrily yell about how ‘The government is taking away our rights, by golly!’ ought to just pause for a moment and look at how many people have come together to help the homebrewing community-who as popular as we are, are still a minority. Maybe they ought to be gleeful at a chance to reform an antiquated law, write their representatives and live well, which is the best way to thumb your nose at the archaic minds at the DoJ who insisted upon such a draconian interpretation of the to begin with.

Which is a much more interesting question to me, anyway. Who benefited from this ruling, and why did they make it?

That’s what I’m trying to keep my eyes out for.

And lastly, I’d like to pause for the closing of Roots Brewpub. Another place I wanted to get to more often than I did. Hope to see their beers on the shelf despite the pub’s closure.

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