I made a couple milds, starting on St Patrick’s Day, to prepare for the warmer weather. The weather hasn’t really gotten warmer but the beer is ready! So how’d it come out?

Pretty good. A thin but consistent head on it indicates a carbonation that sticks with the beer the entire time. Nice for a refreshing mouthfeel and the beer tastes solid. Maybe a touch sweeter than I’d like-think raisins-but still a good drink. Maybe a touch more hops early on next time to up the bitterness. I feel like milds ought to be really balanced and I don’t think it would take much but just a little would help.

Here’s the recipe:

Steeping grains:
.5 lb C 60
.5 lb C 120
.5 lb Munich 100

7 lb Light Malt Extract

1 + oz of unknown hop pellets @60
1 oz Nugget @ 15

Reused ESB/IPA yeast-Wyeast 1450

Initial gravity: 1.059
Final gravity: 1.02
Made 3/17
Bottled 4/16.

The Local: Gold Dust Meridian

gold dust meridianI’m a bit preoccupied with things that suck.

The good news: I got my car back. The bad news: the battery, jumper cables, spare gas can, car jack and extra antifreeze were stolen. In their place was a log. No innuendo is meant in that sentence; a piece of tree was in the trunk. The mechanism that locks my gas tank has been destroyed and has to be replaced. The interior of the car smells constantly of gasoline, which means some mechanic has to look at it, and the radio is no longer hooked up to a battery.

It’s raining, again, in June. It’s been uncommonly cold and gloomy for this time of year and yet here I am at the Gold Dust Meridian with a Law of Nature pale in hand. It ought to be sunny. The GDM is the kind of place where lively things ought to happen, where the existence of warm weather and sun somehow raises the bar here, making it a better place to hang out in than it would be during the winter.

And I cannot find Law of Nature’s beer via the internet. Since when does Google fail? I have to ask the bartender, who is a bit more interested in sorting glasses for the dishwasher than paying attention to me. I can’t blame him; I think a cloud has followed me around Portland this past week. Nonetheless, when I do get his attention he snaps up, as though from a reverie, and tells me that Law of Nature is from Everybody’s Brewing.

I like their pale. Maybe it’s just a lighter IPA but I still dig it. Nice nose to it, just enough sweetness in the middle that when the bitterness rises up at the end  I’m not shocked. It’s probably overhopped though, as the bitterness has a bit more strength than it ought to. That’s not a criticism so much as a; this is the way I experience this beer, statement. Maybe you like your pales with more hops.

You want to come to the Meridian either very late, or for food. The boisterousness that the GDM wants to encourage is the kind that goes with food or late night conversation. Plus, it smells terrific in here. I fear I may have chosen incorrectly by coming to this spot, as it  is more a restaurant than pub but what can I say? Mistakes will be made. Regardless of the error, this place occupies that midrange area of venues that hints at upscale but won’t bat an eye if you arrive in jeans. As it tends to be crowded, I think timing is pretty critical. You claim a table, you’re money. You don’t, and the bar is just a touch crowded to sit at.

OK. It’s time for me to head home. I’ll come back to this place with a happier head.