Will work for beer

Literally, maybe?

Of course, what the gov’t giveth, it also taketh away.  Hopefully this all gets straightened out by next year-and the local homebrew community has talked about little else lately. In the meantime, check out Lisa Morrison’s post on the subject. She pretty much nails it, I think and if you’ve got the time and inclination, I say follow her advice.

2 thoughts on “Will work for beer”

  1. Gotta wonder what makes people seek to fix what ain’t broken. They been doin’ this for thirty years and someone says: But is it legal?”! What is up with that? And then the bureaucrats get busy making your life miserable. Makes ya wanna have a beer, eh?

    Speaking of which: bought some New Belgium Mothership Wit. Yikes! Sour? Not ready for that – I will say that as I get to the bottom of the glass – it’s better. Maybe I’ve already had too much.

    1. The response amongst homebrewers has ranged from “The GUBMIT is oppressin’ ussssss!” to “This is stupid, let’s fix it” and fortunately, the latter is prevailing, because people are already working with government agencies and the OLCC to fix this.

      I liked the Mothership myself-but it’s been awhile. This year’s batch might be more tart.

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