The Local: Hedge House

hedge houseI haven’t been to the Hedge House frequently, because when I come it’s always incredibly crowded. Good for business, but difficult if you just want to relax. Today is different though; it’s empty inside as the people have migrated to the outdoors to enjoy themselves. Perfect for an outdoor curmudgeon like me.

The Mariners are loosing pretty badly to the Cardinals on TV. I fear my Mom will be bummed by this but at least it’s almost over.

The Hedge House is part of the Lompoc company-this is one of what I think are four outposts they have around Portland. In this case the Hedge House is clearly a former house, once upon a time laid out for dwelling instead of drinking purposes. It doesn’t take much of my imagination to see this space in its former function and when it’s empty the HH feels comfortable. When it’s full, it feels like you’ve got guests who have stayed too long.

I’m enjoying a LSD which is creamy and has a hint of coffee bitterness. I’m using it to unsuccessfully fight off my sleepiness from last night. Cats broke into the bedroom and insisted upon attention at four a.m. The reply was swift but the disruption was enough to keep me spottily awake until I ‘woke’ at 6 to face my day.

So while I’m enjoying my time here, I’m also looking forward to going home. Already. Unfair but that’s just how it works out, sometimes.

I can see the end of this project in sight. Not too many bars left for me to walk to. Not sure what I”ll do then but I have to admit, my inclination is to go back to Bailey’s.

I may just be focusing on the end because I’m tired. I really like the HH when it isn’t crowded. I just don’t know how to get here consistently when it isn’t.

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