Fair Weather Friends

Anyone remember that sunny Friday we had a couple weeks ago?

Well it happened. And on that day, I went to the Apex bar to have a beer with my sweetie.

It’s a nice place; the bar feels a little futuristic, with the glasses, nozzles for water, draughts for beer, dishwasher all right there in gleamy stainless steel. Obvious attention has been given to the selection of beers and I like the menu screen which is big and crisp  and easy to read, even from across the bar. The seats had a pneumatic quality to them, sinking a little when you sat in them for comfort. May not sound cool until you try it-so you can take my word for it, or check it out yourself.

The music was a bit loud-which is my only real complaint.  This made a kind of sense, because the doors were open and people were sitting outside. I hope they don’t try to get the music to compete with the outdoors though; Apex is on Division so a certain level of noise has to be expected, especially if you sit outside. As a matter of fact, I’d say over half the seating for Apex IS outdoor seating.

Which is just a touch concerning. During the summer things will be fine of course, but the past two weeks of rain and colder-than-usual temps mean that I will never sit outside to drink (and I’m not inclined to drink outside to drink in the first place). The cover for that space is very limited, but that may have changed and I certainly hope it does. It could be as simple as the tarp setup that Amnesia Brewing has or perhaps something more clever but something does need to be done because let’s be honest; nobody wants rainwater mucking up their beer.

I appreciate that there is a huge bike rack and that Apex wants to encourage renewable/reusable ideas in design, energy use, etc, so I hope the place does well over the summer and is a solid destination for all times of the year.

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