I made a couple milds, starting on St Patrick’s Day, to prepare for the warmer weather. The weather hasn’t really gotten warmer but the beer is ready! So how’d it come out?

Pretty good. A thin but consistent head on it indicates a carbonation that sticks with the beer the entire time. Nice for a refreshing mouthfeel and the beer tastes solid. Maybe a touch sweeter than I’d like-think raisins-but still a good drink. Maybe a touch more hops early on next time to up the bitterness. I feel like milds ought to be really balanced and I don’t think it would take much but just a little would help.

Here’s the recipe:

Steeping grains:
.5 lb C 60
.5 lb C 120
.5 lb Munich 100

7 lb Light Malt Extract

1 + oz of unknown hop pellets @60
1 oz Nugget @ 15

Reused ESB/IPA yeast-Wyeast 1450

Initial gravity: 1.059
Final gravity: 1.02
Made 3/17
Bottled 4/16.

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