My name in print

So after going to the Beer Trials release party on Wednesday, I was rewarded with this:

beer trials book

Pretty neat, huh?

You can’t see it from the cover but I’m credited inside as a tester and Seamus was even nice enough to mention this blog as part of my bio. A fairly sweet deal for tasting beer for twelve weeks.

The book itself I dig. The scoring system includes things like label design so I’m ambivalent there, (edit-actually it doesn’t; see the comments) but if you want to get a proper snapshot of a beer the descriptions are brief and accurate. As a tool for people who may not be well versed in the beer world, I think it’s exceptionally helpful. You can flip through the book, open a page and in under a minute, get a pretty good sense of the beer you’re reading about and if you think it’s worth your time.

Plus, the intro looks to be chock full of good overview information about beer styles. I haven’t had a chance to delve into it but the skimming I did I liked. Again, this seems really helpful for people who want a better beer but aren’t sure where to start.

At the same time, because the beers selected were ones that are widely available in the US, if you’re say, stuck somewhere that doesn’t serve Rogue or Lagunitas or whatever, the Beer Trials can give you a solid recommendation for a beer that is available. Pretty handy.

Plus, it means my Father’s Day gift? Solved.

And on top of it all, I got an emergency beer opening device.

2 thoughts on “My name in print”

  1. Just to be clear—the scores don’t reflect the comments on design that appear at the end of each review. They’re based solely on our tasting panel notes, which (as Dan knows) were written without any idea of what the packaging looks like.

    The design reviews, which I wrote, are intended as lighthearted commentary on the whole consumer experience of the beer, though we did use that space to push our anti-skunky-beer agenda a bit.

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