The Local: The Victory

I was this close to ordering a mixed drink. The entire walk here, that’s what I thought about; having a Corpse Reviver and justifying it to you, because this is a beer blog. We don’t drink liquor.

Except we do. Wine is also on the list of beverages consumed. I take no shame in it, I just want to be topical and as I said, this is a beer blog. Nonetheless, I was all set to order a mixed drink here at the Victory because that’s what they do.

The pretense at beer-and I’m calling it a pretense despite the extensive bottled beer list-is meant to be an extension, a gesture to people in Portland who are looking to ‘drink hip’ if you will. It’s a list that harkens to the days when drinking an import meant you were above the beers of the masses, in the days when good beers for the masses weren’t all that available. The draft selection is slim and reflects this idea, but that said the beers available are very, very good.

I’m drinking a Nostradamus strong dark and it’s a bit like the Dutchess’ off cousin. Sweet hints replaced with tart, density shed for a lighter mouthfeel but the pedigree is very much there.

Still. I came to the Victory wanting a drink. Not just because of the pretense toward beer but because that’s what the Victory does well; mixed drinks. I come not to bury the Victory but to praise it! (heh)

victory pubThey provide some damn good mixed drinks. Why shouldn’t I enjoy what they do well? It’s got a nice atmosphere for talking (usually)-even if you do have to raise your voice a bit. The food selection is interesting and tasty. It’s lively, even on a Monday and I know how hard it can be to have an engaged, interesting place on a Monday night.

So you can understand the plan; have a Corpse Reviver, relish it and the warmth it will provide me on a chilly, scrotum-tightening walk home and  say to you: sometimes, we gotta mix it up, right? I’m sure you understand.

Then again, understanding the siren call of a new beer? Who doesn’t get that?

So I suppose the lesson for tonight is one of adaptability. I had a plan and it was changed. Not just for you, but for me as well.

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