A bit here and there

For those of you who haven’t seen or heard about it, the winners for this year’s World Beer Cup are announced here. I’m a little stunned that there aren’t more winners from non-US countries. I’m not sure if that’s because there were just an overwhelming amount of beers entered from the US or for some other reason.

Also, I’ve found out that Hopwork’s Gigabit IPA has been made open source. You can read more about that awesome stuff at Taplister. I think I’ll have to try my hand at that beer soon. I can compare it to the original and see how I did!

Finally, I’ve got a friend coming into town next week and I think he’s going to want a bit of a beer tour with my -ahem- expertise to guide us.  Bailey’s is a clear choice but do my readers have any suggestions?

8 thoughts on “A bit here and there”

  1. If you’re already going to Bailey’s, you should hit Deschutes. They always have stuff at the Pub that you can’t find elsewhere. And, it probably goes without saying, Horse Brass should be on any list of Portland pub destinations.

    1. Good idea. Deschutes-Bailey’s is one stop away from a pubcrawl. If Rogue had things you couldn’t get elsewhere I’d start there. Although one could argue that Bailey’s is worth two pubs.

  2. Second S.M. on Deschutes and Horse Brass. Top of any list.

    I like taking people to the Lucky Lab, especially if it’s patio weather. In my mind, it’s the soul of Portland. If it’s a beer-geeky friend, a trip to Belmont Station is definitely in order.

    The World Beer Cup is kind of like the World Series — really it’s the U.S. Beer Cup.

    1. Nice idea. I might try to swing by the Gasthaus too-but my friend is very much an outdoors kind of guy. If it’s even reasonably nice, the LL would be a great spot-and it’s an easy walk to Roots.

    1. I work near Apex so I’ll be keeping an eye on the place to try out if it is open.

      I had no idea about Eastburn’s $2 Tuesdays, so that’s awesome!

      And Saraveza is a bar I always hope to get to but distance usually requires an excuse, and this is a good one. Thanks!

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