I don’t like the stout but the stout likes me

While it is true that I don’t like to go out on St. Patrick’s Day, I still really enjoy stouts. As a matter of fact the last stout I made has shown a marked improvement on my previous efforts, as it has the mouthfeel I’d expect from the style; creamy and easy drinking with very little of the coffee bitterness, just the coffee flavor. A definite winner for me.

Ginger stout '10Still no (or very low) carbonation but that can be forgiven in this case. What I’m really looking at is the use of the C-20 malts, as I think that may’ve contributed to the moutfeel.  Recipe is as follows:

Grains steeped for about an hour
1 lb chocolate malt
.5 lb C-20
1 lb Black Patent

Fermentable malts
7 Light Malt Extract

1 oz Nugget @70
.75 oz mystery pellets @ 40 (I used to know the name and then the marker on the bag rubbed off)

1 1.8th oz Ginger @ 30

Wyeast American Ale 1272

Initial Gravity was 1.07
Terminal Gravity 1.02

Personal Notes:  I added the fermentable sugars late to the boil and it dropped the temperature so I ended up waiting for the  wort to come back up to about 170 degrees (or so). This meant I boiled the ginger for longer than I meant to. The wort was starting to smell just a bit vegetal and I was starting to worry. Luckily, everything came out great.

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