On timeliness

Over at Salon Steven Kolpan has an article about sharing wine with friends, wine you’ve kept for ‘special’ occasions. He pretty neatly sums up my feelings on cellaring beer, spirits or any foodstuff that humans tend to set aside for an important event.

I save my homebrews for about six months. Usually in this amount of time, someone I know comes to visit whom I haven’t seen in awhile. That’s the time to dip into the back catalog and see how it holds up. Those beers may not be special in a classic sense but they are irreplaceable becauseĀ  who knows if I can make them again?

I think six months is a perfectly acceptable timespan for something cool to happen, something worth breaking out a good beer or wine or food that you’ve been waiting to share with someone. I’d bet that if most people reading this blog thought about it, they could come up with a good night they had with friends, or an afternoon with a sweetheart, or maybe just a quiet rainy night, some time when they were struck with the ‘Today is a good day‘ thought.

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