After a year of making IPAs with the same ingredient list, I have been mixing it up a little. My goal here was to use ESB malts coupled with the hoppiness of an IPA. I was looking for a balanced beer overall that was a child of both styles. I think I could’ve used more ESB malts though. I mean if I’m going to marry styles, why not go for broke?

It mostly worked. Mostly. There’s a metallic tang at the veeeeery end of the beer. Shiny-metal, not rusty-metal. I believe what this means is that the beer may have been oxidized during the process. A bummer, yes but not the end of the world. This ISB is still pretty good and when served cold the tang at the end isn’t really noteworthy. It comes across as a dryness instead which encourages the next sip.

Maybe I’m spinning this; in these cases it’s usually best to give the beer to someone else for evaluation and I think I’ll be giving it to some friends to see what they think. Recipe as follows:

Brew date

Steeping Grains
13oz C-40
.5 lb ESB grain
.5 lb C-120

Fermenting Malts
7lb LME

1 oz Amarillo @ 60
.5 oz Amarillo @ 40
.5 oz Galena @30
1 oz Galena @ 20

1/4 tsp Irish Moss @10

Wyeast American Ale yeast (reused from an IPA batch)

5.57% ABV

2 thoughts on “ISB”

  1. An ISB, huh? Are you coining that style? I have never heard it used before anyway. It sounds like a great blending of my favorite aspects of the two styles.

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