52 Weeks 47: Elysian Pumpkin Ale

That’s right, pumpkin ale. 

I suppose it ought to be said right now; I think pumpkin beers are not for serious beer drinkers. Or even not-serious beer drinkers. 

Pumpkin ales are for people who think of beer as a novelty, a plaything that they can get their friends to try; check out this beer made from X! Where X equals some weird plant, like garlic or zucchini. It just so happens that pumpkins are associated with a very tasty food and we happen to have a fuckton of them around during this time of year, so why not do something with them, right? 

So for you dear readers, I have decided to have a pumpkin ale. 

The nose is quite strong and puts me into the Wayback Machine for sure. Nutmeg scents remind me of my mother’s kitchen; its olive green stove right next to the fridge in a classic design scheme, lights dimmed while everyone else is in the living room or dining room, entertaining while I wait for pie to finish. 

And the taste?

Well…I won’t lie to you, it’s quite a bit like liquid pumpkin pie. There aren’t hops or malts to speak of here; it’s all dessert spices and enough sweetness to keep the whole thing together. I’m almost surprised the beer isn’t served in a glass made of flaky crust. It’s remarkably velvety too, like well beaten whipped cream. 

I hate to say it, but it’s a decent beer to have a glass of and it evokes pumpkin pie in some remarkable ways. That said; I’m glad it’s only around once a year. I cannot imagine drinking this stuff on a regular basis. 

273 words. Is there more to say a this point? I feel like there ought to be but perhaps this is not the night for it? It’s windy in Portland, a mild summer giving way quickly to an autumn that is bluster and chilly. The inclination is to grouse; the football games sucked yesterday, I’m going mildly broke and there’s a coil of tension in my chest somewhere behind my heart, that keeps reminding me that somewhere I have chosen poorly all of which wants to be said somewhere. 

But not here, eh? Because I didn’t choose poorly; the beer was good, I’ve got my hat and the night. No complaints.

4 thoughts on “52 Weeks 47: Elysian Pumpkin Ale”

  1. I also am glad that they are only around once a year, and sure they are somewhat gimmicky. That said though, it was a pumpkin ale that first really got me interested in what beer could be and not what I had known it as: pale ales, macro lagers, and the occasional stout. Also, mmmm, liquid pumpkin pie.

    1. Interesting. Your comment makes me rethink my position a little bit, because despite their gimmick quality it turned you on to a wider world of beers. It follows that this could be a gateway beer for many people.

  2. I like pumpkin beer, especially the Elysian one. I agree, that it could be a gateway beer. I think Blue Moon’s pumpkin beer was one of the first that I liked.

    1. Blue Moon makes a pumpkin beer?

      I’m not just a little afraid of that.

      However, if it gets you into the good stuff-I mean, everyone has to start somewhere.

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