The trip home (guest blogger)

The owner was very tired after two days at the expo, so it was time to head home. On the way though, there was time to meet Fuz in Tacoma, who apparently was very disappointed that he was not mentioned sooner. You humans are so impatient!

While he’s still relatively new to Tacoma, he was able to show us a couple great places; Flippin’ Out Burger for the burger needs, Tacoma Boys for the shopping needs-some excellent bottled beers were on sale there-and finally, the Parkway, where we got down to the actual sipping of a beer.

A low-key place, the Parkway had a broad selection of beers on tap with a pretty strong variety of seasonal beers-lots of saisons and IPAs-without neglecting the tastes of people who aren’t as fond of those styles. Televisions were at kitty-corners of the bar, so if you didn’t want to pay attention to it you didn’t have to. A nice setup for people who may just be coming to sit and relax.

I didn’t get any pictures of me and the owner didn’t take any notes on his beer. Silly person. However, there’s a neat-ish shot of the ceiling where taps were screwed into the rafters.

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