As part of my effort to make my beers a bit more consistent, I’ve been working on making every other beer an IPA, using the ingredients I have. Tweaks here and there but for the most part the same (or similar) ingredients and processes. My second IPA of the summer has come out and this is a very, very mild beer.

But this isn’t a bad thing! It’s quite drinkable, even though it leans more towards a pale ale instead of an IPA. It’s the kind of IPA one could give to people who are new to the style without frightening them away from it.

The lack of bitterness and the lighter color would probably insist that this beer be called a pale by those in the know. In this case, however, the information that comes from how this recipe turned out will be pretty useful. As follows:

Steeping Grains
.25 lb Rye
.75 lb red wheat malt

Fermenting Sugars
7 lb Light Malt Extract

1 1/8th oz Sosrachi Ace @ 60 min
1 1/8th oz Pearle (Domestic) @ 15 min
1/4th tsp Irish Moss @ 5 min

2 packs Wyeast Rogue Pacman, pitched @ about 76 degrees

OG: 1.056

Added .5 Nugget hops in secondary about 10 days later.

FG: 1.015
ABV: 5.33%.

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