52 Weeks 41: Three Skulls IPA

So first things first: Three Skulls is an awesome name for a brewery. It’s the kind of name that would almost allow for the beer to suck. There’s pirate treasure, black magic, Stephen King and childhood mojo all wrapped up in it. I hope there is a secret passageway into the brewery. Something you have to lift the fourth leg of the spider rune to get into and light torches to wander. 

Hm…makes me want to start a secret brewery. 

Maybe that’s what I’d do with a million dollars. Sure, there’s the cliche answers. (Insert your cliche here.) But a secret brewery? It’d be like my childhood dreams of a awesome treefort + killer haunted house coupled with my adult dreams of hideouts and beer. That’s a dream worth winning a million dollars for.

And this beer wants to support my dream. It’s got a nose that comes on strong with citrus, but gives up quickly. By the time I’ve drank below the bulge in my glass the nose is more malty, even though the head on the beer remains; a sealant preventing the air outside from contaminating my precious beer.

However, it doesn’t finish noticeably bitter either. There’s a lightness akin to a lager there and it’s very thirst quenching. Of course, by the time I’ve drank below the bulge in my glass the bitterness has started to show up, an echo in the cave, bounced back from five minutes ago. 

I’d almost rather have this by torchlight in rough-hewn flagons, playing dominos and telling lies. Maybe you should join me.

One thought on “52 Weeks 41: Three Skulls IPA”

  1. Yar, but I be givin’ me parrot a sip first, don’t’cha know. I’ve been poisoned by with bad grog one too many times, yar.

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