Mistakes may have been made.

So the IPA in last weeks photo has been bottled. However, when I tasted it an overwhelming bitterness finished the beer off. Once again, this was the dregs so I’m not taking this taste as the gospel but it’s entirely possible I just didn’t add enough malt to balance the hops in this beer. Or that I added in way too many Liberty hops in secondary. That shouldn’t affect the bitterness, but maybe the pellet form of the hops allowed the beer to absorb flavors that the loose leaf form would not. Another lesson.

In the photo is the final gravity reading: 1.005. This gave the beer an 8%+ ABV level, which means that without some balancing effects, it might taste a little hot (meaning, you pick up on the alcohol). And bitter. So like coffee, only without actually being warm or roasted. While I’m not looking forward to it,  I’ll post an update of this beer in about a month.

Recipe follows:
Steeping grains
1 lb C 40

Other malt:
7 lb Light Malt Extract

1 oz Galena @ 60
1 oz Amarillo @ 30
1 large handful Liberty hopos @ 5
.5 tsp Irish moss @ 5

reused Pacman from the Alt-3rd use.

In secondary I added 5 handfuls of liberty hops.

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