IRA 2: the Twoening

Only Fuz is going to get that joke but occasionally I get to indulge these things. 

So way back in the day I made the IRA. Even wrote about it.

When I put this beer into secondary I added small handfuls of Mt Rainier and Sterling hops to the secondary fermentation. Figure .5 oz total between the two, certainly not more than an ounce. 

According to the calculations, the ABV is about 8.37%-which is kind of high, but not worrisome. Everything seemed to be going well until bottling, when I forgot to add in the simple syrup to give the yeast something to carbonate the beer with. D’oh!

So I decided to give this beer more time in the bottle to see if any carbonation would arise through sheer stubbornness. After over a month it did, but it’s very faint like a childhood mustache, so there really isn’t much in the way of hop aroma to the beer. Unfortunate, but not the end of the world. 

The malts, as one might expect, take front and center. It’s a very rich, sweet drink but it doesn’t seem to have the alcohol warmth I would expect from a beer like this-malty and not very balanced otherwise. Perhaps the malts are covering the alcohol, or maybe the alcohol percentage isn’t as high as I calculated. 

There is a faint caramel aftertaste. Perhaps this is the alcohol coming up to say hi.

I wouldn’t call what I’m doing a highly scientific endeavor-nor art, really. Alchemy, maybe? Specific calculations may be a little off is my point. You know how it is; sometimes you just throw up your hands and hope for the best. 

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