The Mild

After telling you how it was made, it only seems just that I post about the beer itself. It’s bad to leave the readers hanging. 

The nose is sweetly citrus with a faint bready undertone. A bit like good pizza dough.

This mild is overcarbonated, no denying that. I just can’t quite seem to hit the sweet spot. The good news; it’s light on the palate the whole way down. The bad news: it can take five minutes for the head to settle enough for me to just take a drink. For a beer that isn’t being poured out of a nitro tap, that’s a negative.

It’s a clean, very quaffable beer. Very much in the mild tradition of being able to drink several pints of this without feeling bloated or drunk. Good to have on hand for the next few days when the temps are supposed to get into the 90’s. I’m sorry you can’t share some with me.

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