Might have to try this

There’s a beer haiku contest.

Also, a cheap summer beer taste test. For those of you suffering in the heat, maybe a cheap beer made from the times when we didn’t know any better will help.

Finally, a list of events during Oregon Craft Beer Month-which is now!

Bonus section: the beer that I wasn’t meant to brew has been bottled. The OG (Original Gravity) on that beer was 1.062, the FG (Final Gravity) was 1.02. That puts the beer at about 5.44% alcohol by volume. I had a sip of the dregs and it tasted more acrid than usual on the back end. However, I know that’s not the best barometer of the quality of a beer. A couple weeks in the bottle and who knows? It may yet be drinkable.

And on a personal note– there were 190 people looking at this blog around Monday. I don’t know who you are, but thanks for visiting.

3 thoughts on “Might have to try this”

  1. The haiku I wrote was:
    You’re winking through the
    bottom of my glass, so let’s
    get another pint.

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