And it lived happily ever after

So I began the story back in April. But now the beer is done and I can tell you all about how it went.

The nose is very, very doughy. If you’ve ever been around dough as it’s being made into bread, add a little orange scent to it and that pretty much sums it up. If I had to pick a style of bread, I might even say sourdough. As the beer warms up, the orange notes get boosted, which is a nice thing as the weather gets warmer.

The wit is a little too bubbly. There’s a champagne quality to it with all the tiny, active bubbles. Better too bubbly than not bubbly though. 

The flavors are nice. It’s got a wheat start, but I don’t get as much chamomile flavors in there and I think I could’ve added more tea. There is a dryness on the back end, and it finishes rather clean so I think I did OK on the other elements (Grains of Paradise, malts, bitter orange, orange zest, etc.) It’s not as good as I remember the beer being three years ago, but it’s a damn sight better than my past two attempts at making it. For starters; it’s drinkable. However it’s not only drinkable, it’s actually a pretty solid beer in it’s own right and one that friends have enjoyed. 

I’m calling it a success. One I have to improve on, yes, but a success nonetheless.

52 Weeks 29: Avery Maharaja

It’s going to rain on the city tonight.

After over a week of sun and a beacon of the summer, I can smell it. The rain is coming. The dusty lavender clouds cover everything but the North, and it makes it look like the sun is setting in that direction, instead of the West. The buildings reflect a fuzzy copper color, making them look lit up even in the dusk. 

But the reason I know it will rain is the smell. It’s an old smell, and it feels comforting, like musk without the pungent weasel smell. It’s a sign that I’m a city fellow; I like this scent, and the forests do not soothe me in the same way. These moments are rare in Portland, so I’m glad to take it. 

This IPA is strong in the front, but finishes easy, almost as thought it’s not nearly as bitter as the nose and middle would lead me to think. The resin flavors make me think there may be American hops in there, but it’s a nicely balanced drink.

I’m hoping for the rain. Not because I want it to cool down, but because I like how it smells when it rains. There seems to be a portent in the air, a sign that things are going to shift, like the moment before a good kiss. It’s all imaginary of course, but why not hope that something interesting is coming around? If the storm is coming, than at least I can relax with a glass or two before the wild wind comes. 

And if the storm doesn’t come, then I’m just as well served, eh?