A toast from the extras

The Pale_qm is finished!

For a variety of reasons, this is a good thing. First, of course, is that the beer has come out quite nicely. The darker malts do have an impact; the beer is more amber than pale so really I’ve probably made something like a hoppy amber ale instead of a darker pale. But it still tastes good like a proper beer ought to. Even if the proper beer itself is not a proper style.

The quality of this beer means it’s also good for toasting. People just don’t make toasts with water, or soda or juice. They do it with alcohol. On special occasions, they buy expensive alcohols in order to properly celebrate, those times ought to be honored with a drink that is worth drinking, worth chiming glasses together with a gentle acknowledgment of time gone by, or the raucous din of victory, the triumph of a person (or persons) in their life.

It is to the latter to which I raise this glass. My friend at Impy Malting has finished a book! It has taken her six years and I can’t even imagine how much soul to complete, but it’s finally done. It’s called The Desperate Ones, and she’s selling it online. 

Way to go, my friend.

4 thoughts on “A toast from the extras”

  1. Thanks, dude! Cheers. I’m sending your copy as soon as I get the shipment. mmmm…fresh books. hehe.

  2. Congrats! I’ve d/l’ed it, and will peruse it when next I have the chance. And may even send money your way, so as not to appear a cheapskate.

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