52 Weeks 31: Lagunitas Sumpin’ sumpin’

I’m down to my last ten dollars. 

Not in the, I can’t pay the rent sense, but I’ve gotten my first notice: you are slowly going broke. I won’t deny it, I feel a little troubled. Being able to go out and pay for a beer is one of those things that I don’t just do for this website. I do it for sanity. However the operative phrase there is ‘pay for’. It’s an element of pride; I can pay for my own amenities. 

It’s not that simple of course. I don’t believe anyone should be living beyond their means, and truly most things that are good in life (aside from crushing your enemies and hearing the lamentations of their women) don’t cost that much. Still, I am worried. I doubt I’m alone, either among the jobless, or those at risk for losing their job, or maybe just people at large which makes for a kind of collective unease. 

So what to do? 

Just keep at it, I guess. Plus, when choosing the beer of the evening, choose wisely.

Tonight’s choice is an IPA. The nose is has that fresh hop pine scent, not  unlike when I pulled Nugget hops out of the bags last Thursday. Or was it Northern Brewer?

Truth be told, the air was so pungent then that I’m not sure I could tell you the difference. 

In this case, the Sumpin’ Sumpin’ finished off with a nice fizziness, which keeps the beer from becoming overwhelmingly bitter, I think. It’s a lighter ale, so while there are malts to keep things in check, to say that they provide balance might be giving them too much credit. The bubbles keep sparking off the tip of my tongue though, so the bitterness abates rather quickly. The whole experience actually makes me want a slice of warm apple pie. 

Across the street, on the back of a ‘Do Not Enter’ streetsign, someone has plastered a sticker: “Now Is All You Have”. I’ve seen it before, of course. You can’t drink here as often as I do and not notice these things. It seems appropriate to mention now though. I don’t want to be ignoring my present because I’m too concerned about my future. As clouded as my future seems it is good to remember that this beer is the one I’m drinking, not the next one. The crowd around me? They are in the midst of enjoying the company they have-not a cell phone or laptop in sight aside from mine- not the company of tomorrow.

So today is the good thing I have now.

My reverie on the now is broken by being asked by the bar: “Do you say OSX or OS 10?”
(I’m typing on a Macbook, so I seem to be the one to ask.) 

It’s interchangeable, I tell them, but when I hear it I usually hear OS 10. But I know what someone means when they say OSX.

“But do you say Racer X or Racer 10?”

“Oh, it’s Racer X.”


“Because X is cooler than 10.”

Everyone smiles because they know I’m bullshitting, but nobody tries to refute my logic. Somehow I’ve hit upon a basic truth that everybody knows, even if they don’t make it a rule. Now that’s a good night at the pub.

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