52 Weeks 30: Double Mountain Vaporizer

Let me just tell you right up front, the Double Mountain Vaporizer is an IPA. It’s a little deceiving though. It looks like a wheat beer, and damned if the malt profile doesn’t match up with that; there’s a bready, wheat flavor in there. But the nose brings the citrus hops, and the finish is lingering and bitter. Light enough to be a thirst-quencher, strong enough to pair with dinner. I like it.

I went on a walk today, and shortly after I walked by the garage where the stoner metal band was pounding the hell out of a great riff, I thought of this article that Fuz sent me.  For those who don’t want to read the link, I’ll provide you the gist of it: there are some good brewers in North Carolina, and one of their important qualities is that they are interested in the boring stuff.

By this the author means; these guys do the basic beer recipes and do them right. Some homebrewers get so caught up in doing weird things, they don’t really try to get some of the standard styles right. I’m certainly guilty of this, so I’m going to try repeating some of my past beers. The Chamomile wit was a good start, but there are others, including the IPA I’m working on tomorrow. I’m going to start trying to get similar ingredients, and I might even start taking tasting notes on the beers so I can remember what to do the same and where I ought to tweak. 

Hopefully, I’ll still be able to entertain everyone, even as I repeat the beers. We shall see. Making notes to show how I’ve slightly changed what I did originally ought to give me more information which ought to provide more details for everyone. 

Bailey’s is a little busier than usual tonight, but not because of the crowd. In one of those human, “I need to create some work” moments, Geoff decided to start rotating the bottles in the window of the pub. Which is quite a task, since the windows run for two entire sides of the taproom. So there are new, pretty bottles to look at, and long empty spaces where dead soldiers have been removed, to be replaced by new-but-still-dead soldiers. 

I like seeing things in transition. It’s a good reminder that change is going on all the time, and while it pays to be cognizant of it, it isn’t something that should be feared at face value. More often than not, everything is going to be fine.

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