And it lived happily ever after

So I began the story back in April. But now the beer is done and I can tell you all about how it went.

The nose is very, very doughy. If you’ve ever been around dough as it’s being made into bread, add a little orange scent to it and that pretty much sums it up. If I had to pick a style of bread, I might even say sourdough. As the beer warms up, the orange notes get boosted, which is a nice thing as the weather gets warmer.

The wit is a little too bubbly. There’s a champagne quality to it with all the tiny, active bubbles. Better too bubbly than not bubbly though. 

The flavors are nice. It’s got a wheat start, but I don’t get as much chamomile flavors in there and I think I could’ve added more tea. There is a dryness on the back end, and it finishes rather clean so I think I did OK on the other elements (Grains of Paradise, malts, bitter orange, orange zest, etc.) It’s not as good as I remember the beer being three years ago, but it’s a damn sight better than my past two attempts at making it. For starters; it’s drinkable. However it’s not only drinkable, it’s actually a pretty solid beer in it’s own right and one that friends have enjoyed. 

I’m calling it a success. One I have to improve on, yes, but a success nonetheless.

4 thoughts on “And it lived happily ever after”

  1. It’s a good beer. I remember being more impressed by this beer than I was the beer three years ago, truth be told.

  2. The beer we had three years ago hadn’t aged a long time, really. It tasted young. This one, however, proved the benefit of the extra time.

    And that was how you got me started drinking beer; I remember now.

  3. That’s true; it was a bit young, due to unfortunate time constraints. Still, next time a little more tea.

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