52 Weeks 27: Fish Poseidon’s Imperial Stout

On my way to the bar today I drove over the Burnside bridge, and at about the midpoint of the bridge there was a dude pissing on it. Facing traffic. I love livin’ in the city

Takes a special kind a man to do something like that. 

It’s at this point I’d ask: How was your day? if you were here. Maybe you spent the day grading papers. Or writing papers. Maybe a whole lot of nothing happened. Me: aside from having to deal with some public exposure and indecency, I bottled the pale_qm along with taking care of a whole lot of tasks unrelated to the blog. 

There’s a new man behind the bar at the Taproom; Scott, who’s got a reddish beard and great enthusiasm. I can tell he’s new because he’s still being trained. But he pours a fine drink and the Poseidon is a lush beer with a gentle mouthfeel.

Heh. I can’t even believe I wrote that. Hyperbole rains upon the compy tonight I guess. In my attempts to be a better writer, we can all look back on that sentence and chuckle. 

But it is a pretty damn good beer. I don’t think I’ve always been a fan of Fish ales but I’ve had a few lately (including this one) that have been very tasty. I think I’m becoming a fan. 

I have to admit I was not in a good headspace coming to write this post. The reasons don’t matter; the point is the clouds had gathered over my brow. But you see one bearded skatepunk pissing on a bridge, and that’s kind of a message to lighten up. 

Ah, alright maybe I’m reading into things but what the hell. Who wants to read emo blogposts about beer, especially when you can read about skeevy idiots?

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