This is a shot of the pale ale I’m making being transferred into secondary. 

I’m calling it Pale_qm because I used some leftover dark malt in this batch, and you can’t put actual question marks into the tabs in Excel. I don’t like ingredients just hanging out hoping to be used and this quality is probably one of the big things that leads me astray when it comes to brewing recipes.

Steeping grains (for about 40 min @ 160):
.5 lb Victory
.5 lb Caramel
.75 lb Caramunich 

6.72 lb pale LME
.5 dark malt extract (dry)

3/4 oz Newport, previously used in dry hopping an IPA @ 06
1/4 oz Newport  @ 45
1 oz Hallertauer @ 30
.25 oz Hallertauer @ 5
and 1/2 tsp Irish Moss @ 5

Yeast: I reused the yeast I pitched in the Earl Gray Brown beer, which I’ll be writing about soon. The original yeast was: Wyeast London 1318 and 1028. The OG was 1.072, and…well, that’s all I can tell you at this point.

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