Amber completed

I think I’m going to have to try this beer with other ambers next to it. Rogue’s Dead Guy, or Alaksan’s Amber ale. I think it tastes right, but it’s been so long since I had a regular amber beer I just don’t know.

After a little research, it looks like Dead Guy isn’t an amber but a maibock, so I got myself an Alaskan Amber ale, and this is what I got from that beer: very clear and with a quickly dispersing head. But the carbonation is consistent and almost lager-like in quality; even as I type little fountains of carbonation disturb the surface of my beer. The beer is very clean, and very malty. There’s a hop nose which is skunky. I don’t go for that, but the bitterness doesn’t show up, so you can swallow this beer in great gulps, but still find it very tasty if you want to sip it. The label says it’s an alt style beer, but I don’t have it in me to get more ambers to compare.

In comparison my beer isn’t as clear as ambers ought to be. Nor is it quite as vigorously carbonated. The bubbles are smaller, almost like champagne. They exist, but are so faint that they don’t really provide the drinker (me I guess) much to smell. There’s a faint bitterness to the flavor however, which is good because my amber is a bit too sweet. This hinders the drinkability of the beer, making it less of a session ale. Once again, I think I added the yeast too soon. With the next beer (an IPA) I think I’ve solved that, but I wasn’t as attentive to the wort temperature as I should’ve been and I think this beer shows it. The clarity is also slightly troublesome. I’ll have to ask if there’s something I’m doing that is making my beer cloudy. 

So this needs a little more work.

2 thoughts on “Amber completed”

  1. I’m just a consumer, not a brewer. But my impression is that most “Ambers” really fall into the English Bitter or Special Bitter category. You might compare yours to a good ESB.

    Maybe Alaskan Amber is an ale brewed at lager temperatures, but IMHO it’s more like a bitter than an alt.

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