52 Weeks 23: Cascade Spring IPAnox

Despite my perturbed look, I’m actually quite pleased to be here. It’s been a scorching Spring day, and I have done yardwork, bottled beer, visited friends, battled with the stupid, unfortunately, gone to my dance lesson, and now, finally, I am at the shelter of Bailey’s. I deserve this beer.

My selection of ale was a little less smooth though. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but choices must be made. 
“Eh….Mojo Risin’.”  
And the barkeep, Michael (I believe, please forgive me if I’ve gotten this wrong) says,
“You’ve already had this.”
 Which explains the bad feeling that I’d had when I ordered it. It’s got the title of a beer I would order, but looking back at the post, I hope I can be forgiven for not remembering that I’d had it. There’s a lot of beer between me and the Mojo. 

But it’s nice to know I have readers.

Cascade Spring’s beer is awesome for a couple reasons. First, there’s and x in the name. Anything with an x in the name is automatically more awesome than something that does not have an x in the name. Tyrannosaurus Rex? Cooler than other dinosaurs because of the x. If the Romans had decided to use the world King instead of Rex, not only would we have some serious linguistical and/or time travel problems on our hands, but the T-Rex just wouldn’t be as awesome.

Second, this is a fine IPA. Lighter in color than the typical IPA, and with a nice pine nose, this beer isn’t overwhelming in any sense, but there’s no mistaking it for a pale ale, either. There’s a fine bitterness in this beer that runs through the sip of it, while the malts appear long enough to create a distraction, like some kind of 3-card-monte. I don’t know that I’d go so far as to recommend this IPA to IPA haters, but to people on the fence and who like pale ales, I’d say give it a shot. 

A special thanks to the Santeria Taqueria, who delivered a plate of nachos across the street to soothe a hungry stomach after a long day. They were delicious and I hope to sample their menu again.

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