What is it?

I made a belgian IPA and although the initial look wasn’t so hot, the results have been pretty good. But how do I describe this? One of the pluses of being a homebrewer is that you can make anything, as with this pal who has made a cat themed beer. I do not know the specifics of it, but he has told me that catnip and other ingredients are involved.

The minuses would be; how the hell do you describe it? In the case of a beer made with catnip I think I might just default to good/bad, just because it’s so alien. However while a belgian IPA might be off the beaten trail, it’s not like searching for Dr. Livingston. 

You can’t tell from the photo, but the beer does have a light carbonation to it; the head drifting on the top like peach fuzz. The aromas are malt-sweet and citrusy, but they’re very light, almost faint, really.

I think this beer may have again suffered from me putting the yeast in too soon; there is an estery quality that shouldn’t be present in an IPA style. But is it OK in a belgian? Is it possible I did everything right and the yeast is doing exactly what it’s supposed to?

There is a bitterness to the back end which is actually nice. Sweeps away the sweeter flavors, reminds me that I put hops in this beer damnit, and they have a say in how things taste. Plus, it helps the beer go with foods like spicy potato chips, holding it’s own quite nicely and keeping my poor tongue from burning for very long. 

I brought this beer to the fine people at the OBC, and to my surprise the response to it was quite positive. No questions of potential mistakes. No curious disappointments. So I did it well, even if I can’t tell you exactly how it tastes.

The question really is; can I make it again?

2 thoughts on “What is it?”

  1. Ah, the Belgian IPA. Some SoCal breweries distributing their versions. Have you tried the one from Stone?

    Liz sent me the link to your blog. My Flickr Beer blog (if you can call it that) is the website link. Great to finally catch up w/ you, and to find another home brewer.


  2. I don’t think I’ve had Stone’s version. What’s it called? I’ve found myself unimpressed by their beers overall, but that may be to high expectations.

    That’s quite a selection of beers. Looks like you’ve been at this awhile.

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