Later Winter Warmer finished

Well, this beer has come out very well although there are some small flaws. Winter may technically be over, but the beer still remains. Besides, it hailed three times last Sunday. Winter isn’t over until I can see the sun for a least 2/3 of my day.  

The initial nose hints of bubblegum. I’m pretty sure that this is due to me adding the yeast while the wort was too warm. But there are other scents, including roasted malt so all is not lost. The flavors keep that toasty flavor as an undercurrent to the warm nutmeg and cinnamon spices. There’s even a ever so slight hint of ginger, which I really wasn’t sure would make it given how it got in the beer.  I am reminded of the flavors of warm mulled wine. It’s a little strange to find warm flavors in a cold drink. It’s almost as though I’m getting mixed signals. 

The mouthfeel is really light too; I’m not sure the flavor profile lets this beer be a session ale, but it feels light and very drinkable. 

Maybe this whole beer is a study in conflicts. But it’s a tasty study.

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