52 Weeks 20: Mad RIver Steelhead Double IPA

I’ll just confess, I’m tired. Friday I helped the Portland Farmer’s Market move their office. This is what happens when you’re unemployed; you’re available to help your SO’s business move. I also got to meet Alex of Upright Brewing (the brewery is in the same building as the new PFM location) and he was gracious and enthusiastic to my questions. He offered me a taste of the stout he’d made (which was excellent) and an entire strawberry-rhubarb beer that he’d made on his own, which was also quite good. Like a sour ale but made without the belgian yeast.

Saturday I helped my friend baeza set up for the Vampires Masquerade Ball. A wonderful spectacle, but he also treated me to dinner at the Morrison Hotel. A couple Dutchesses and a heated discussion about the quality of the film The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen later, I went home. 

Finally, last night I went to the triumph of metal that is Pelican and they were fantastic. But the rock shows, they take it out of me more than they used to. Still I would not give up seeing Angel Tears for anything; it was a sonic highlight for me, and certainly one of the best shows I’ve seen them give.

If that wasn’t enough, I started classes at the Viscount Ballroom tonight. Lindy hop. So I’m a tired kid. 

But the beer is well balanced and tasty, with a citrus nose and a very clear beer with a cleansing finish. Good for spicy foods for sure! My girlfriend is chilling with me for this post, so no complaints.

2 thoughts on “52 Weeks 20: Mad RIver Steelhead Double IPA”

  1. Hello, Angelo.

    You’ve good reason to be excited; if the beers I tried are any indication, we’re in for both solid traditional styles and wonderfully inventive new beers. I’m looking forward to the tasting room opening too.

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