Demon Alcohol 4: the drinkening

As you can see, the beer that I made is now beer!

The beer that I made is now beer!
The beer that I made is now beer!

Now, what kind of beer it is…I’m not sure I can tell you.  An amber, maybe? It’s so malty and reddish that I guess I have to give it that title. It’s very, very sweet. Some have even suggested that it’s like peach nectar, and I’m certain that this is not what people would think of as being in style for an amber ale. The nose on it is more floral but it’s faint and there’s just a bit of a bite at the end, which I’m almost certain it’s due to the Zeus hops I added in secondary. Nothing against the Mt Rainer hops; they probably kept the sweetness in check, but the nose adds a lot to any beer, so I’m glad for both.

It’s a very drinkable beer though, and the estery quality means that it goes fantastically with salty foods. Very complimentary to pub grub. It’s possible it may not fit a style, but when I go to get more brewing supplies this week, I’m going to take one down with me and see what the boys at Steinbart’s have to say.

Edit: I took it down to the store and the guy who tasted the beer said that I’d probably added the yeast while the wort was still too hot. The initial alcohols made at that temperature are the sweeter, fruiter tasting ones. I’ll have to be more careful about when I add my yeast in the future.

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