52 Weeks 18: The delay

I’m sick, and have been since yesterday. The only thing I want to drink right now is cranberry juice. I hope to be well by tomorrow, and back to regular updates after that. I may even have a ‘makeup’ day, just to get this week’s post in.

3 thoughts on “52 Weeks 18: The delay”

  1. First, I had a Belgian that was…well, pedestrian. Had it been $5 or $6, it would have been an acceptable beer. But I was charged $9 for the pleasure of the beer–a dubbel or trippel, if memory serves–, and the pleasure was entirely dubious. It’s not that the Belgian notes weren’t there (cloves, bananas), and it’s not that beer wasn’t well structured. But it didn’t feel like it was a game-changing beer, and if I’m paying that much, I want a big pay-off. Give me Black Albert for that price, not this relatively pedestrian offering.

    My companion had the Hale’s Wee Heavy Scotch Ale, which was a finer beer, all things considered.

    And then we decided to order the Duchess in a large bottle. And that, that was pure pleasure. I had contemplated getting the Abbeye de Saint Bon-Chien, which is available at Bottleworks (the owners of which own Brouwer’s), but there wasn’t a bottle on what proved to be a worthy and wide-ranging menu, encompassing a hefty selection of scotches and a middling wine menu. But nobody goes there to drink wine.

    The only snag: the Duchess was $2.50 more in the bottle than the list said it was. We pointed in out, and were told that half the prices were wrong, and that when we came back, we should know that. The tone was somewhat conciliatory, but there was a hint of malice in it–directed more at the management than at us, I suspect, though we were not immune.

    The place was quite nice; the service decent, if a bit snotty. The food looked reasonably priced, and smelled quite good. The beer mark-ups made sense at certain points (the Wee Heavy was priced just right, at $4.50), whereas others mystified…and the prices on still others have yet to be discovered.

    Still, with something like sixty beers on tap at any given moment, it’s hard not to steer people their way, particularly (I have heard) during less crowded afternoon sessions.

    Oh, the beers–again, the nameless Belgian dubble–or tripel–shall remain nameless. The Hale’s: a quite decent beer for the money, in style, notes of scotch and chocolate, neither overbearing, but neither as structured as they could be–random notes, not a bass line. The Duchess is a beer I love, but my love for it wanes with each bottle or glass I have. I fear that I may get used to the puckery, vinegary feel with that nice carbonation and sweetness. And that will be a sad, sad day.

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