52 Weeks 16, Sierra Nevada Bigfoot

The Sierra Nevada was on, the owner of Bailey’s recommended it, and I didn’t see another beer that matched my criteria, so I went with it. This barleywine is exactly what it’s supposed to be, with the roasted nose and slight alcohol warmth, finishing off with an almost tannic flavor. I’ve no complaints here, except that barleywine really wants some food to compliment the beer and I don’t have any. I’m hoping something else comes up so I don’t have to have the War Pigs Wheat–mostly because that doesn’t fit the theme. If I get to do a heavy metal theme, then that’s first on the list. 

Why isn’t heavy metal reflected more in beer? What metalhead doesn’t love beer? Motorhead lambic. Metallica lager. High On Fire porter. Pelican imperial stout. Anthrax nut brown. Fear Factory amber. Pantera pale ale. Jesu dunkelweisen. Slipknot IPA. Oh wait! I could do this all day. Oh yes. 

More awesome things should be paired together. It’s like peanut butter and chocolate. Heavy metal and beer. Sure, you could have one without the other, but why would you ever do that? Maybe that will be a project for Spring; heavy metal beers.  I will oppose the joyous greenery of springtime with the power of Heavy. Metal.

Hm…I think I like this idea more than I ought to. 

Bailey’s is quiet tonight. There’s a couple playing Connect 4 behind me, Sparky-a man who resembles St Nick at 40-is once again at the bar, and there’s a little more Death Cab For Cutie on the speakers than normal. Maybe the quiet is inspiring my love of the riff to make beers loud. This is going to take some considering.

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