Coney Island Lager

So…yeah, I bought this.

At the time, I’m there with baeza and Fuz at the Belmont Station, and my first reaction is, ‘Hey, I’ve never seen this beer before!’ That’s always a positive sign for me; I always try something I haven’t if the price is reasonable. We’re all buying some beer, about to retire to the casa and play Magic for three hours, so I’ve got a chance to try something without any severe repercussions since there will be two other guys to take the beat of a bad beer.

So there’s the beer, right? A woman swallowing a sword; fits in with the carny motif of the company, what’s my problem? Is there a problem? My problem is that it was right next to the Coney Island Albino Python Wheat. Standing there with my compatriots, we all agreed; buying this beer is meant to get women to perform oral sex on you.

And I’m just not sure how I feel about that. Now, clearly not all of Coney Island‘s beers give this message, but two of them do and they’re just so obvious about it, I can’t ignore it.

Maybe I’m just reading too much into these things. It’s marketing right? Who gives a damn; the question is–Is the beer good?

And it was; I enjoyed this lager. It was crisp and easy on the palate, just like it should’ve been. Reminded me of Hopwork’s Lager, which I adore. The fellas agreed; this was tasty.

But the imagery being used is pandering to me and I’m not all that sure it’s sending a message that I want to support. I’m smarter than that, even if I’m not sexier.

8 thoughts on “Coney Island Lager”

  1. Hey, I can’t support any message that has the subliminal statement: You are stupid and can be manipulated.

    I prefer to be told that outright.

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