One benefit of unemployment

I can make some crazy sandwiches for lunch.

In the right hand is a mozzarella-bacon-chicken-sun dried tomato sandwich. In the left is a ginger stout that I made. In between learning more CSS and listening to Ice-T, I need some serious food. Since I don’t have to pack for travel, I can get creative with my meals. 

And of course, there’s beer. I’m really liking my ginger stout. The ginger isn’t too up front, but it does linger for a long time. It’s like a house guest that you’re really OK with hanging out for a little while. The chocolate elements of the beer keep the ginger from becoming overwhelming, and as you can see; this beer actually has a bit of a head on it, and that’s been true for most of the beers I’ve opened from this batch. Which is great!

I’m starting to wonder if I need to add yeast to the bottling process, or just really need to give those new bottles a solid two weeks before opening one. A little bit more time than I usually give does seem to help the beer taste better. If there’s one critique of this stout it’s that the mouthfeel is a little light, so maybe adding yeast to this beer wasn’t a good idea.

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