Demon Alcohol (3): I have bottled.

Hm. I may’ve put too much information in the headline here. 

But over a month after putting that beer into secondary, and then into a 3rd carboy so I could get at the hops to make the pale ale, I have finally bottled the Demon Alcohol. The floral nose from the Zeus hops was diminished, but it was still there. I tasted just a little bit of the beer and it’s fairly malty-sweet, which is how I brewed it but I won’t know if the dry hopping helps tame those flavors for at least another week. I’m concerned that the beer will taste cloying if the dry hopping doesn’t bring anything to the table.  

One good thing is that I finally remembered to get a container so I could easily take gravity readings of my beer. You might not think it’s too hard to get a long plastic tube, but apparently I’m very bad at acquiring one. So; the Original Gravity of Demon was about 1.012 and the Terminal Gravity is 1.052. Using the Brewers Calculator (and it’s times like this that I LOVE the internet), that gives me a Final Gravity of about 1.045, and a alcohol by volume percentage of about 4.94. I say ‘about’ even though I’m running it through a calculator, because my initial readings may not have been precise. 

Still, I think I’m on the right track here and knowing more about the beer is always a good thing. I’m going to move a bottle of this upstairs so it can bottle ferment in a warmer area. At about 60 degrees F my basement is a little too cold for an ale to finish off properly.

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