52 Weeks 11: Lucky Lab Triple Threat IPA

This post is late-as are the posts for the next few weeks- because I had a class from 6-9. I didn’t want to try and manage my Flash class on a pint and little-to-no food, you understand.

It was about halfway through class that I realized that I hadn’t paid the parking meter. That resulted in a wince and a ‘d’oh!’ but there was nothing I could do at that point. The decisions had been made.

Which, I philosophized as I walked to the pub, is kind of the lesson right now. I’ve decided to leave my job. I can’t unmake that decision. It’s done and even though I’m feeling some real anxiety about that, I have to accept the decision, and look for the options that come with that decision.

My other decision for today is to have the Triple Threat IPA. As this beer has warmed up, the hops have become more prevalent in the flavors and the nose. It’s all grapefruit and finishes really bitterly, the way LL IPAs tend to do. Or NW IPAs really. I’m not displeased about that, but I was hoping for something a little more balanced. I guess with Triple Threat in the name, I should’ve changed my expectations.

Bailey’s is a different animal at 9p.m. boisterous and loud, the lively kind of space you’d expect from a good joint like this. I wonder how that will affect my writing. Maybe not at all. However, when I made the decision to come to Bailey’s I had to accept the conditions of the place–whenever I would get here.

And I won’t deny it; sometimes people are inconsiderate assholes with enough alcohol in them. Newsflash that ain’t, but when this fool is keeping the door open to shout at his friends and letting in the 33 degree air, I think I’m going to complain. I may have to accept that man’s decision to be an idiot, but I still get to vocalize my displeasure at his decision.

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