The small things.

This is not what you think it is:

Unfortunately, it isn’t what I thought it was either. When I got a chance to snag some Budweiser bottle caps I just couldn’t resist. It felt pleasantly subversive to cap my own beer with Bud caps. I even thought it would be a fun blog post: ‘This is not what you think it is’.

The joke is on me as it turns out. These bottle caps don’t give me a really good seal on the bottle. Part of the reason I was having such issues with the last batch of beer is, I think, because of my inability to get an airtight fit over the bottle. So well over half the beer didn’t carbonate! Now in the case of the porter, that’s not a bad quality.

But under those Bud caps is an ale. I haven’t opened it up yet, and I’m already feeling a bit dubious about doing so. Ales are supposed to have the snap of carbonation, and without that I’m afraid I’ll have made something that falls short.

Maybe I can call it ‘cask conditioned’ and get away with it!

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