A fine line

Way back when, I made a stout. That beer has finally made itself drinkable, as you can see here:

Its the stout. The stout that I drink.So now that I can drink this beer, what can I tell you about it?

I can tell you that it isn’t a friggin’ stout. Or is it?

What is a stout, anyway? Well, according to the BJCP guidelines there are six kinds of stout, but they all have some pretty similar characteristics; deep brown to black color, roasted coffee flavors, occasionally with chocolate, low-to-no hop flavors.

Porters, on the other hand, only have three distinct styles. Given the specifications of the Brown Porter, I seem to match those stylings better.

It’s the color that I really missed the mark on. This beer is lighter, and that’s especially noticeable around the edges of the glass. I also have trouble making this beer a consistent one, as you can see here:

Not quite
Not quite

Stouts just shouldn’t have that kind of head. Hell, I don’t think any beer should look like that. So, there’s still a little refining to the process to be done.

This image aside, most of the time the beer pours just like it ought to, and it tastes really good. The oatmeal flavors aren’t present, and once again I think I just tried to rush my brewing process more than I should have.

I’ve also discovered there is another slight problem, but I’ll save that for the next post.

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