52 Weeks 9 Block 15 Belgian Brown

Belgian brown ales are a little weird. The yeasts are always in danger of being overrun by the coffee and chocolate malt flavors, and in the case of Block 15, I think that’s the case here. It’s not a bad beer, but the balance feels out of whack, with a slightly sour nose, and the hint of that flavor around the very edges of the beer, like a taste that plays hide-and-go-seek. But it’s not quite all that. It’s decent though, and it improves a bit as it warms up, so I look forward to trying a Block 15 beer again.

Since last week’s post (which you could just scroll down to, but I’ll link it) I’ve been thinking about the last OBC meeting. At the event, a homeless man had wandered into our meeting unnoticed. He was a little grizzled and had a slightly faded black windbreaker on, and a ruddy face born of spending days and nights outside. He got himself a nametag and for the most part was quiet and harmless…but he eventually did get noticed.

As the business part of the meeting started up, the president of the club announced that this part of the meeting was for OBC members only, not for random people off the street. And it was at this point that another member of the club escorted the homeless man out. 

As he left, I saw him wipe his eyes with his sleeves and protest “I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to be here,” and the man escorting him out saying, “I know, it’s OK, but you have to go.”

It’s a bummer that he got booted, insofar as it makes for a cool story; homeless man finds his way into a place to get a beer and makes it out without anyone noticing. However, it doesn’t surprise me that he got caught and had to go; the meeting is for members, right? What bothers me is that he was humiliated. It just seems like mention of him didn’t have to be made over the PA system. Something about my sense of fairness just chafes when I think about it. 

He was just a guy looking to get out of the cold and have a beer. Who doesn’t want that? Hopefully when I am in the midst of my misfortune, a little more discretion will be shown to me. 

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