Demon Alcohol (2)

So after two weeks of fermenting, Demon Alcohol seems to have slowed down enough for me to put it into secondary. However, the malt still seems to be…well, popcorny? I’m not sure how to explain this scent that I’ve got. It’s a little like corn nuts, and that makes me think that I’ve created a monster instead of a beverage.

Be afraid.
Be afraid.

Since I don’t know when to quit, I’ve put in two ounces of Zeus hops. Now, to give people an idea of what this means, I only added an ounce and a half to the boil, and the alpha acids on that were in the 6% range. Zeus is 13%, and I put in an extra half ounce.

I added the hops into the carboy before putting Demon Alcohol into secondary. The carboy was on the floor and I stood over the whole exchange, to make sure the transfer went cleanly. As the beer poured in, I started to smell the citrius hoppiness which means that within minutes Zeus had filled the air in the carboy and then been able to push up the extra three-and-a-half feet to get to my nose. That’s potent. I suppose this beer is going to live up to its name.

These hops aren’t boiled, so their addition to this beer is going to be strictly as a scent, but I’m going to soak them for at least two weeks before I do anything else with this beer. It’s still active, though slow, so while I am losing some of the flavors the Zeus is bringing, the yeast is still eating the sugars, so it’s not done yet.

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