Irish Ale homebrew

Its what Im drinking, yo!
It's what I'm drinking, yo!

Lately, the beers I’ve been making have been coming out very well. It’s nice to be on a bit of a roll, as about this time last year I was making some very noxious drinks. This beer is very tasty, with an entirely sweet malty nose, maybe with a hint of honey. The beer itself is a solid amber one, with just enough bitterness to dry it out at the end. The rest is all malts, and they’re delicious. Especially nice is the touch of maple syrup flavor at the very beginning. The carbonation is even and steady, making for an especially refreshing drink. You should have some. Except it’s all gone now.

I made it with 12 oz of Caramel 120, and 6 oz of Roasted Barley steeped  at about 152 degrees for 25 minutes. Then one pound of Pilsen dry light malt, seven pounds of light malt extract.

Add 1 and 3/8th oz of Yakima Golding for 60 minutes, and then two packets of Wyeast 1084 yeast.

I forgot to get gravities for  this beer. Again. But I put it into secondary twenty two days after brewing, and it was drinkable about two weeks later, just in time for Thanksgiving.

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