52 Weeks 4: Wild River Double Eagle

It is, for the first time, dark and starting to rain as I type this. I honestly expected the weather to be much worse sooner but December is here and gloom has settled over the city. Finally.


The unsmiling author has been cut out.
The unsmiling author has been cut out.

I’m drinking Wild River’s Double Eagle Imperial Stout, and it’s very good. Oh yes. It is good. A touch hotter than I would expect from a stout; even at 7.6%, there’s a burbony alcohol flavor there that is quickly covered up by slightly burnt chocolate. 

Thanksgiving was a winner I’m proud to say and I hope it was for my readers as well. My Dad came up to visit and he was able to try a great many of the beers I’d been making for the past year. With the exception of the Cheswick clone that I’d made, they all aged quite nicely and tasted pretty good. It was my Dad who bought me the starter kit to start homebrewing, so it’s only just that he get to taste some of the spoils sometimes. That he’s stuck in a hellhole far from family and friends is unfortunate on multiple levels so his visit was, in the newspeak, doubleplus good.

I am recalling the positive in order to negate speaking of a Monday that started off askew and never quite found itself again. December has begun with a rough push, like being awoken by chainsaws, but why presume that it will stay that way? 

I’ve got a good beer, I’ve got stout at home to bottle, a pale and Demon Alcohol to manage (updates soon) and a belgian ale to make with serious hops. With some bitterness to balance out the sweetness of those belgian yeasts, I expect a wonderful beer. In time.

So; no point in being dreary, yes? Darkness has come upon the city, and I do enjoy going outside under these circumstances and stalking the city, weather be damned. My beer smells a little like brownies now, and really, how can that ever be a bad thing?

It is sometimes hard to be hopeful at the end of a year, but I’m going to give it a shot anyway. We’ll see how that works out in the coming weeks together.

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